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How do I update my editable pages?

*Please note if you leave any of these pages open for a sufficient amount of time you may be asked to enter your User ID and password again.

1. If you have a editable page service with us then you can change the pages you have selected.

First of all go to

You should have been issued with a User ID and Password, please enter this information in here:


2. If you have logged in correctly you will be able to view that pages that you can edit.

To edit, click the page you want to change.


3. You are then presented with a box, which has the current layout of your page in it.

You can change the page to how you like, with the tools provided.

4. Add a picture, to add a picture, click the picture tool and click “browse” to find the picture on your computer. The “alternate text” is the text you see when you hover over the picture.

Then when you are happy click “OK” and the picture will be displayed on the screen.

If you then decide to publish by clicking the button you will see this box pop up:

This is just to confirm where the image is kept, all you need to do it right click in the text box and click “paste” this then pastes the path of your image into the box.

5. After you have finished editing your page click  and you will be faced with this dialog box, to upload your new site click “Publish”

For all support queries please contact us by email at

or by phone

office hours - 01983 282420 or
out of office hours - 07720 397720

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