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Web Editor

The Web Editor Service provides you with the ability to modify your own website page content online with little or no web expertise. The editor provides a familiar word processor interface allowing fast modifications to the page, which are reflected immediately on your web site once they have been saved.

The Editor provides the following functionality.

  • Font selection, size, colour and attributes (bold, italic, underline)
  • Text alignment (left, centre, right) and indent control
  • Paragraph formatting e.g. Headers, numbered and bulleted lists
  • Hyperlink support to allow you to link to other pages and websites
  • Image support - add pictures to your pages
  • Copy, paste and undo facilities

As well as allowing you to create and modify content directly, text can also be copied and pasted from existing documents and even tables from spreadsheets can be inserted.

Screenshot from the web editor

To use the service you simply login to Netguides Services Portal and are then presented with a list of editable pages on your website. Select the page you want to edit, make the changes, and then press save. It's as easy as that. Because the editing is done via our website you can update your pages from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet.

You can also have multiple logins with different pages under each login. This allows you to divide the task of updating your website between different people, giving each person the facility to update the information they are responsible for.

Editable pages can reside on your own server or on Netguides server, allowing the service to be tuned to the hosting environment of all websites. This means even if your website is not hosted with Netguides you can take advantage of this service.

The only software required by the Web Editor is Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater. The resulting edited page is browser independent.

For more information and access to our on-line demonstration, please contact us .

If you are interested in a similar solution to run inside your business intranet or extranet please see our business solutions section.

Reseller opportunities

Netguides also provide these services to Web Design Companies, Graphic Design Companies and Marketing Companies on a Reseller basis. Click here for more information about our reseller program .

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