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Social media is an exciting growth sector. Netguides can provide you with the right tools to achieve measurable promotional success and brand growth. 

Online conversations around you, or your brand are ongoing and constantly evolving.  This is a huge opportunity for any business or organisation that wishes to communicate with ‘the people formerly known as the audience’.

In a social media environment, the only way that you will succeed is to get involved in the conversation.  Netguides can guide you to offer real, useful, honest and valuable insight to your customers and prospects.

At Netguides we have been actively working with social media for our customers for approaching two years.   We are experienced at helping organisations embrace this new communications platform for business benefit. This can be as part of their existing website, or as a reach-out, standalone service.

Social media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.

How can we help you?

Twitter feed embedding

A Twitter feed brings your site to life and helps you reach out beyond your website.


Blog strategy and creation

If you’re daunted by the concept of blogging, don’t worry, we can bring you quickly up to speed on etiquette and ‘unwritten rules’.  We set up and launch your blog and then work with you to drive traffic to it.


Brand building across social networks and forums

Netguides help you to identify the right niche social networks and forums that directly relate to your brand profile.  Our experts can also advise on how to engage with them and be visible.


Social media training

Netguides help you to understand the importance of social media and benefits. We can deliver half-day workshops or work with you on an ongoing basis.


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