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GemaShop provides a great eCommerce platform to power SMB. It’s great for anyone who started with solutions like an ebay shop, or a Paypal cart on their website, but wants to control their costs.

Simple solutions such as Paypal and Google are great to get you started.  Gema is the ideal next step. It provides increased flexibility, avoids high charges associated with volume sales, or high value items, and gives you great access to a global marketplace. The independent, hosted GemaShop offers enormous potential benefits to you, at a price that’s just right for the size of your business.

Become a 24/7 business – Because your shop is online, you are always open and able to process orders, even if your office is closed.

Create a level playing field – even as a small business, you can present a professional and credible image as strong as much larger competitors.

Cut out the middleman - you can sell directly to end-users and increase your profit margin.

Improve your customer satisfaction

eCommerce is a powerful tool for building customer loyalty. Customers can buy, browse, ask for help or track the progress of their order. Powerful CRM tools in the back office of Gema ensure you touch the right customers at the right time, to ensure your sales are maximised.

Reduce your marketing costs

All pages have search engine friendly page names. In addition there are customisable headers and related products selection. A range of additional information for every product means you can ensure high search engine rankings and ease of finding your products for customers.

Streamline your business processes

Gema Shop automates your business processes seamlessly. Orders come in, card details are processed and you pull all of the information you need to dispatch products. Stock levels are managed more effectively, ensuring you carry an appropriate quantity of stock to respond to seasonal or event-driven demand.

Gema Shop provides a hosted eCommerce environment, which handles all aspects of selling items and services online.  It provides everything you need to run and manage an online shopping business.

The solution provides your own web site, hosting, email accounts, management system and the support you need to configure your shop.

GemaShop includes search engine optimisation, flexible design tools and an easy to use management system giving you complete control over the look and feel of your ecommerce web site.

Advanced search optimisation features

GemaShop now provides Google e-Commerce conversion tracking.  See details of every transaction, including value, items, time placed and also information about the location and the browser being used when it was placed. 

This information can be highly valuable when it comes to analysing your customers behaviour, helping you drive new sales and maximise revenue from customers once on your site.

Google Merchant Services

By providing a Google Merchant Services XML feed of your products from GemaShop you are now able to get your products automatically entered in Google Shopping listings, boosting your search optimisation and delivering a huge extra potential body of customers straight to the product pages on your website.

Anywhere access ensures you have secure access to the functionality you need, when you need it

Edit products live in GemaShop The Gema platform can be accessed from any location, using only a web browser. Gema provides the following eCommerce functionality:

  • Add products, product information and pictures (including automatic sizing of pictures to match the site design)
  • Add multiple layers of categories to organise your products
  • Review and add orders for wholesale and retail and projected orders for resale
  • Manage stock levels for each product
  • View and print and complete range of invoices, receipts and delivery notes for orders placed
  • Generate and view reports on products, VAT, customers and sales
  • Set up discounts including multi-buy, discount codes and free postage offers.
  • Configure shipping destinations, levels and price structures
  • Manage users – logins and passwords

There is also CRM functionality within the Gema solution, allowing users to manage customer and contact records:

  • Review and add customer contact records
  • Maintain a customer history where you can log contact with the customer and orders and order progress are automatically logged.
  • Export customer data for marketing purposes.

Users and Roles

Access to the system is via a portal. Users are allocated different roles that define the functionality available.

Order Processing

GemaShop task displayThe system is task-based. It provides lists of orders that need attention at each stage of the process. An order appears in a task list when an action is required to progress it to the next stage.

Orders added via the public website are added and invoiced by the system and a payment will be taken and recorded if the user pays by credit card.

If an order is only part shipped it will remain in the ready to package or awaiting stock task list until all the order is packaged and shipped.

Returns Processing

Returned orders use the same package and delivery task groups as new orders so they are processed in the same way.


A range of reports are provided as standard with the solution. These are delivered into an Excel spreadsheet from your web browser.

Customers : Customer data for customers added in given date range.

Customers by order data : Customer data for customers with given order profiles.

Orders : Order data for orders with given order profiles.

Products : Review product data by status, category or date

Product sales : Product sales data by product code, product category, date range

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