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A General Manager for your Business

Gema delivers a customised best fit business system to provide your business with better and new ways of working.  We have a great track record in providing online systems to businesses and organisations fast and at an affordable price.

"The benefits of process optimisation and better information a Gema system brings can result not only in a more profitable business, but a more valuable one"

With Gema, Netguides can deliver a single system to manage all aspects of a business. Its componentised nature allows businesses to pick and choose functionality that will be most beneficial to them.

"Task Driven and accessible from any location, the system is intended to be used by everyone involved in the business".

A Gema system can manage all aspects of your business including:

  • Contact and relationship management (CRM) for customers, suppliers, members, etc. Action and call logging gives a single view of all past interaction with the company.
  • Comprehensive product, pricing model whether your product is Space, Accommodation or Widgets. Product information and pricing updated in one central location can be integrated directly into your website as well as providing ‘up to date’ inventory information to sales staff.
  • Scheduling and availability allowing you to manage stock or availability and schedule events to ensure no double booking occurs between online and offline orders.
  • Online and Offline Booking/Order management including process, paperwork, invoicing and payments
  • Reporting – Operations, Financial, Management

Role based access allows user roles to be defined and relevant access given to all involved parties and staff. With Gema, Netguides can provide a system that automates and guides your personnel through the optimal process for each of the tasks their job involves.

The task system automatically identifies outstanding actions for all staff as they login to their assigned role, keeping the various business processes running efficiently.

With Gema, Netguides can deliver a single system to manage all aspects of a business. Its componentised nature allows businesses to pick and choose functionality that will be most beneficial to them.

"Gema is a secure and scalable solution that can grow with your business"

Internet technology provides a truly scalable platform able to cope with rapid growth or integration of acquisitions.

Your data is secure and backed up daily by professionals providing excellent overall security and reliability.

There is no software or support required at any office, just a PC with broadband access. Installation and updates are straight onto the web, instantly available to all.

Usually the single business system is implemented in a series of phases so savings and benefits from the early phases can fund the later ones.

Why have an Internet based solution?

These days a large part of business is played out on the internet. Having the solution internet-based means your website and other internet based offerings can use the same database as you use in house, keeping the data truly up to date. An internet based system can also be made accessible from multiple locations at no extra cost. Your own staff can use the same system from multiple locations and offices.

With the growth in broadband availability over the past few years the internet is now a viable alternative to wide area networking, providing distributed access to a system at a fraction of the cost.

The system can be available to anyone you need it to be via a simple internet connection, while still being very secure where required using strong encryption, password and role based security. With the ubiquity of broadband that makes a lot of sense. In addition the IT platform for the system and its management and support are all out-sourced to professionals who do nothing else. This generally means the system is more reliable, has more redundancy and is better backed up. For more about security and reliability see our   White Paper: Internet based business systems.

Why have a single system?

The benefits of a single business system are huge, in terms of improved organisation and information available to the business. Generally the result is not only a more profitable business but also a more valuable one - as processes are better defined and more easily repeatable.

The main benefit of a single business system is a single data repository of live information from which a variety of reports can be drawn to aid decision making in all areas of the business. Reports such as, what availability or stock do I have right now? How many sales have I made? What are my renewal rates? What’s the take up of my special offer? How many hours were spent implementing that job? What is my revenue this month? We all know we could have access to this information if so and so’s machine was on or when the accountant is in on Thursday or if we look at the right spreadsheet and correlate the data, or if we started gathering it! The aim of the business system is to provide the information you need when you need it.

Having a business system also means processes are documented and guided by the system helping you to ensure consistency in the way tasked are handled and logged making it easier to delegate tasks to other staff and train new staff. A business with franchisees or multiple offices will benefit greatly from the ability to compare like for like information and be able to see at all times the data for each office as well as an overall analysis fro the group.

Gema is a fully web based system utilising Microsoft.NET and Microsoft SQL Server. Teamed with Netguides superior business hosting it provides an extremely secure and reliable business system solution.

For more information or to arrange a meeting please contact us.

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