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Content Management System (CMS)

Putting YOU back in Control

Netguides have a range of content management services available to suit your requirements and budget.

As well as our very comprehensive content management solution that can be integrated into your website, Netguides have developed an innovative service based solution that has no startup cost and can be integrated with most websites, even if they are not build or hosted by us.

Content Management Features:

  • Update information and pictures on your website, at any time
  • Changed pages are instantly viewable on your website
  • No risk of 'breaking' the website structure or functionality
  • No technical knowledge required to update the website
  • No software required apart from a web browser
  • Easy to use Word style editor
  • The website can be updated from any location
  • Different pages/sections/calendars can have separate password access
  • Add new pages to your website using a standard template
  • Manage image galleries or media libraries
  • Manage event diaries
  • Create and add surveys to your website
  • Manage Availability Calendars
  • Accessibility options
  • XHTML 1.1 compliant content

Our service based solution includes:

Web editor - enables sections of web page content to be edited online through a familiar Word Processor like editor.

Availability Calendar - enables availability information displayed in a calendar format to be updated online.

The service based solution is provided online via a service portal. You would have your own login to the portal, which will then provide you with the services you are signed up to.

For more information and access to our on-line demonstration, please contact us.

Our integrated content management solution

Our integrated content management solution includes all the features listed above including the ability to create new web pages, add surveys, manage event diaries and manage image/media libraries.

The content management system uses the radeditor component from Telerik to provide the word style editing of content. This is the leading WYSIWYG rich-text editor for ASP.NET and features include XHTML 1.1 compliant output, accessibility compliance and an in-line spell checker.

For more information about our content management solution and the other services we can provide, please contact us.

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