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GemaHotel is a booking solution that allows your customers to place bookings securely on your website, using a credit card. These bookings are stored online in the GemaHotel system.

A secure administration interface allows you to securely retrieve the booking information including the credit card details, to process as you normally would. The system is fully Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant. This keeps your business data secure, as well as your customer’s card data.

The administration area is flexible and user-friendly. It can be used to take telephone and drop-in bookings and manage the complete availability for your hotel in a single system. There are no limits to the number of tariffs you can use and no date limits on when you offer tariffs, offering a great management system for your accommodation.  Special offers can be set up so they start and finish automatically, helping you to maximise revenue and the number of beds you can offer.


Reduce administration

With one system looking after your business you can stop double-entry of data and often remove data entry at all. Your customers enter their own data when they book online!

Smooth your cash flow

Choose whether online bookings have a deposit or are paid in full by credit card at the time they are made.

No commission charge for online bookings

Suits how you work

Gema is easy to configure to your requirements. Things like black-out periods, block booking, extras, unit optimisation and special notes for units are all inclusive and easy to set up.

Quick Booking Remove barriers to sale

If a customer finds something difficult, or they can’t book when they find hotel details online they may go somewhere else. GemaHotel provides a smooth booking process that allows you to get higher occupancy and increased sales of extras through online booking.

Reduce staff training

A single web browser-based system provides all of your booking management facilities. Almost everyone knows how to use a web browser, which makes GemaHotel very easy to operate.

No charges for updates – ever!

As we release new functionality it is available to you, at the same subscription rate.


Upsell to your guests when they book

Easily configured extras can be suggested to your guests when they book – allowing guests to add items like chocolates, flowers or roses to their room helps make their stay extra special and ensures your bottom line benefits with every booking.

Features and facilities

The administration interface provides the following facilities:

  • Configure the details of your rooms, defining the number of each type of room (or setting individual room details), setting a brief description and allocating the minimum and maximum number of occupants.
  • Set up unlimited tariffs for different length stays and types of board, including the ability to add single supplements where applicable.
  • Date-limit the availability of tariffs
  • Set the costs for predefined extras e.g. cots.
  • Provide a max number for of each type of room available for sale over the web for different time periods.
  • Mark off dates for each room type where there in no availability left. Bookings placed online will automatically reduce the max number that can be placed, e.g. if the max is 4 and three have been made then only one more can be made online. However if you wish to mark rooms as unavailable without inputting a booking this function allows you to mark the room type as unavailable, overriding the other settings.

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